Gillian Wendy Best Powell


Born 5th October 1955, Montevideo, Uruguay


Died 4th July 2016, London, England


Gillian's  life was celebrated by her family and friends who came from all over the world. A Memorial Service took place on Sunday 2nd October at the beautiful Blackheath Conservatoire, where Gillian often visited for Art Classes.

The following few slides are about her life and from personal family document, we've found out how she also felt about her friends, artwork and positive view to life.

As the philosopher Montaigne wrote “Wherever your life ends, there it is complete. The value of life lies not in its length, but in the use we make of it.”  

Meeting her husband, Glyn Powell.

One night when Glyn arrived at an art class at Morley College, the only available space was at a table at the front, close to the model.


The class had started when a sweet voice ask Glyn “May I join you?” so Glyn grunted affirmative and shifted aside. Put off by this stranger at his elbow Glyn’s drawing went all wobbly. He kept asking to borrow Gillian’s putty rubber.


After asking many times, she tore the rubber and gave half to Glyn! their romance began!

Words from Gillian's Diaries about friends...


“ Friends are so important to me. I find it hard, sad, when people say they have no friends. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky to have so many, and know of the warmth and deep satisfaction, which is found therein, that I cultivate friendship. I


t’s a rich soil where much is  found. Always changing, yet it always remains as a link, a memory which grows brighter or dimmer according to how much attention it is given.


Which is also why letters and phone calls are so important, they polish the links to a glowing roundness, nice to the touch, clean and smooth. How much comfort I have found in friends.


I only hope they can say the  same about me.”

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